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Business Clairvoyance ???

Is your business facing a major change or challenge? Should a decision be made soon? Do you miss new approaches to ongoing issues? Do you want to give the company a much needed energy boost?

Then business / business clairvoyance is something for you.

I offer advice and clairvoyant guidance on staff matters and strategic initiatives – sales, structure, strategies, finances or cooperation within and outside the company.

Growth comes from the inside out

I can see other and new opportunities and help you in the decision-making process. For example, it could be in connection with:

    • Expansion
    • operating
    • Hiring or firing rounds
  • Cooperation between manager and employees or business associates

I will find specific challenges and solutions in relation to the above-mentioned issues – so you and the staff come well on the way.

The company’s profit will be new approaches to the right decisions. And here, company clairvoyance is a unique opportunity to get the situation out of a higher perspective.

This is a company clairvoyance taking place

Krystal & HealerHuset will gladly come to your company and uncover what can be done. During the session, the company is a whole as a whole, so that you can allocate resources wherever it will benefit.

I do not need any prior knowledge of the company. But if you have something specific that you want to look at, of course I like this.

Price 2 hours incl. conversation: DKK 7,000 (incl. VAT) + DKK 3.50 per. driven km. return trip.

Price per subsequent hour (incl. VAT) 2,500 kr.

About Thomas Ejsing

I am 49 years old and have been in the IT industry since 1986. I have done almost everything within accounting, sales, IT and management. I have done this across a number of industry sectors and product segments from various platforms to Custom Software Development solutions.

Together with talented colleagues, I have created good results and found my driving force and motivation for more than 15 years – and especially in the support, sales and management role.

Educationally, I have an accounting and NLP background. In addition, I run Krystal & HealerHuset, where I also work as a clairvoyant advisor and healer.

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