Telefonclairvoyance 15 min V/Thomas


I offer phone clairvoyance, to you who need 15 minutes.

It may be you have a need for answers related to past, future, present or topics such as job relocation, blockages, goals and so on. You save both transport and in your own press environment or use the lunch break.

Where are you going? Are you on track? Do you go the right way?

The word Clairvoyance = lucidity, but includes many aspects, such as ready-hearing and ready-sensing.
Clairvoyance In other words: the ability to feel, sense, feel, see and hear messages that are outside of our normal senses.
Anyone can learn it, but not all are not equally good at it, it is entirely dependent on how developed the clairvoyant abilities are the enkelte.Psykiske abilities, there are more of which you can read, and psychics use one or more of them in clairvoyance, however, are the most common:

Ready Feeling thus, the ability to sense, feel another’s emotions thoughts personality, specific incidents.

I send audio file of the interview by mail if desired.

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